Eldy and RexyI am a retired dog groomer with a dog grooming shop at my home which I operate as a hobby in the small community of Eagle Creek.  I enjoy the bounty of our remote northern British Columbia property and the hundreds of lakes and creeks which surround us.  This includes kayaking, fishing, ice fishing, hiking and cross-country skiing.  I am also a self-taught graphite artist and amateur photographer.  My favourite artistic subjects are animals and photo studies of the gloriously rugged natural scenes of field, mountains, and lakes intrigue me the most.

I have recently read a number of photography books by Bryan Peterson.  This has motivated me to explore and try out as many of the exercises and suggestions in the book of his that I purchased (Understanding Photography Field Guide) to drag along with me as I go.  I hope to improve the way I see the world, compose photographic stories and improve my photography skills as share my journey of discovery.

17 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Thank you so much for including me in your nominations for the ABC award. It is such an interesting way to get to know each other and offers up great new blog sites to check out too.

  1. In a recent post, I mentioned your blog as part of my own nomination for a Liebster Award. I noted that many of the blogs I love do not meet the Liebster requirement of having fewer than 200 readers, some are long-established and some are brand new, but if the question is who inspires me, amuses me, or makes me think, then your blog is on my short list at the moment. Consider yourself a Liebster nominee and feel free to write something about yourself and pass it on, or just feel the love and ignore the assignment!

  2. Your photography is beautiful, Eldy! I am learning, like you, and loving this relatively new-found hobby. I invite you to participate in my weekly macro challenge, Macro Moments, when I return in September from vacation.

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