IMGP8274 p (1280x811)More Photoshop fun before and after photos to share.  These changes added drama to the piece.


3 thoughts on “Drama

  1. I’m wondering how you made it black background when the flower looks so alive and as if it’s in the garden ? It definitely brings the colours of the flowers out, but wondering how you do that.

    You don’t need to answer!! Just saying…

    1. I don’t mind sharing the technique. In this case the flowers were fresh picked from my garden and placed in a vase which sat on my desk with a piece of black paper as background. The light is from the upper left using an ordinary desk lamp. The before photo was “okay” but the background looked wishy-washy with a murky shadow. I used Photoshop to darken the background to it deep black which makes the flower pop. Thank you for having a look.

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